1. Tualatin Animal Clinic operates on a payment at time of services basis.

2. We accept debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) checks and cash.  We try to give a fair and accurate estimate of fees prior to service and to inform you of any changes as treatment progresses.  We are happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding your bill at any time.

3. If you are faced with unexpected veterinary bills you may be forced to make hard choices between following the doctor’s advice and your family’s financial needs.  Tualatin Animal Clinic understands this and is able to make some special arrangements through the CareCredit program.

CareCredit is similar to other major credit cards but with two unique features.  Every CareCredit transaction is eligible for a No Interst (If paid within promotional period.  Minimum monthly payments required) or Low Interest Payment Plan-and, in addition to using the card at your veterinarian, you can use it at other healthcare practices, like your dentist, that offer CareCredit.  You can either apply at our clinic, where we’ll call in your application over the phone for immediate approval, or apply yourself online at the CareCredit website.

4. Another option to help offset some or most of the costs of diagnosing, treating and managing your pet’s illness or injury is pet insurance.  If you’re considering pet insurance, talk to your veterinarian and do some research on your options. Here are some basic considerations:

  • The insurance provider should clearly spell out to you the details, including the limitations and exclusions, of coverage for routine and/or wellness care as well as emergency treatments and conditions that require extensive care. Find out how your premiums will be increased as your pet ages or if you make any claims.
  • See if they have add-on options to provide any specific coverage (e.g., dental care, travel insurance, etc.) you may want.
  • Find out how they define and handle pre-existing conditions (diseases or conditions your pet already has – or has had – prior to purchasing the insurance plan).
  • In some cases, insurance providers will not insure a specific pet or breed of pet, or may limit the number of pets you can insure, if they consider them “high risk.”
  • Pet insurance plans are generally reimbursement plans – you pay the bills up front and are reimbursed by the insurance provider. Ask the insurance provider how claims are processed as well as the time frame for reimbursement of your expenses so you know what to expect.

The doctors at Tualatin Animal Clinic have had good experiences with Trupanion Pet Insurance, but it’s ultimately your decision whether or not to purchase pet insurance and from what company you purchase.


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