Vaccines are the cornerstone of preventive medicine. Before they were developed, infectious diseases caused untold illness and death. Vaccines are the most successful tool in controlling disease for man and animals, dropping mortality rates and increasing life expectancies. We work closely with you to develop a vaccine protocol for your pet based on his or her needs and lifestyle. Some vaccines require annual boosters, while others do not.

Our routine vaccination schedule for puppies is 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks of age. Their first rabies vaccine is usually given at 6 months of age. Additional vaccines for dogs, such as Corona (a viral intestinal disease), Bordetella (kennel cough) are available but depend on each pet’s individual needs.

Kittens are vaccinated at 8 weeks and 12 weeks of age. They are also given their first rabies vaccine at 6 months of age.

We recommend periodic fecal examinations for kittens and puppies to keep them free from internal parasites.

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